Exhibition “Universal Nature Rediscovery of Kalevala by 6 Contemporary Japanese Artists”

[Date] 2017.08.06 sun – 08.27 sun
[Artists] Yusuke Asai, Hideki Iinuma, Yuji Ohta, Tomoko Konoike, Shiriagari Kotobuki, Ayumi Tanaka
[Curator] Kenji Kubota

Organisers : The Kalevala Society and The Finnish Institute in Japan / Co-organizer : Sezon Art Gallery
Nominal support : Embassy of Finland / Support : Kenji Kubota Art Office

Series Title [ Into the otherside of air / あの空気に移る ]

I have interviewed the descendants of the residents who Elias Lönnrot visited to compile Kalevala in 19C.
Beside collecting the village inhabitant’s personal stories based on their dreams and remembrances, I assembled their private pictures as mementos, landscape photos of where they live as well as the symbols which I appropriated the images from the Internet by searching in Finnish.
From a vantage point of story teller, I try to weave another oral narrative by intertwining individual Finn’s personal fables and Kalevala which is inherent to Finnish culture and their spiritual values.


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